Climate Ed – January Report


Current School Projects

At Loughborough Primary we are continuing with a new ‘World in 2050’ scheme of work. The plan is to cover the content in school and then do more community outreach as before. This time rather than just talking to members of the public, we will have a stand with more detailed information about the exact possible scenarios facing the world if no action is taken to reduce carbon emissions. We will be taking our presentation out to Brixton Market in February. We have also booked in a visit from a member of Lambeth Council for March for Q&A with the children.

At Ernest Bevin College we are also doing the ‘World in 2050’ scheme of work, with a plan to present our work in Tooting Market at the end of February. We are also planning a protest to Downing Street for the summer term.

At Chestnut Grove Academy in Balham we began our introductory scheme of work about basic climate science with a group of 40 students and at Richard’s Lodge High School in Wimbledon we began with 30 students. For both these new schools we will be running outreach projects towards the end of term.

Sadly we had to end our work with Ravenstone Primary because they didn’t have time to manage it in their timetable for the moment. But we hope to return there in the future.

Future School Projects

Ben had a meeting with the deputy head of Westminster School about giving a talk for sixth formers. We will be deciding adate for this in due course. He also had a meeting with James Wan from the website African Arguments about possible future collaboration with the Royal African Society.

Future Strategic Plans

In our December report we noted the issue of how to expand in the future. In order to keep things simple our plan is to train teachers to deliver a structured scheme of work (rather than recruiting volunteers or freelance workers). Climate Ed would co-ordinate the delivery of this programme, supporting teachers and offering incentives to schools, teachers and students to participate (eg rewards for best outreach schemes). We are currently designing the resources and marketing material for this.
We aim to publicise it to schools this term and get some new schools on board next term.


Vivina has redesigned the website. It now features a ‘Youth Voices’ section to promote the stories and activities of the children who make up the Climate Ed movement.


We have had Tshirts designed to be used for our future outreach work. Ben also attended Vivienne Westwood’s regular gathering of political campaigners. She has a particular interest in climate change and could potentially be a supporter of Climate Ed in the future.

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