Climate Ed – December Report


Current School Projects

We finished our current projects with three schools.

At Loughborough Primary, having taught the students basic climate science, we headed out to do street outreach. The kids loved the experience and want to do more.

At Ravenstone Primary in Balham we completed our work on climate science and also did a street outreach campaign. We were able to correct members of the public who were unclear about the basics of climate science. Again, the kids loved it and said it was the highlight of the project. The letter-writing campaign has also gone well and two schools have agreed to participate in a shared learning experience, which will take place after Christmas.

At Ernest Bevin College in Tooting we have taught a Year 8 geography lunchtime club and for our street outreach campaign we interviewed members of the public and also local business-owners.

We will be continuing with all these schools after Christmas, when we have a range of activities planned. At Loughborough we have a member of Lambeth council coming in for Q and A. At Ravenstone we will be teaching other schools and the students also want to run a parents’ club.

At all these schools we are trying to let the students guide and shape the projects so that they have ownership and feel empowered to take action.

Future School Projects

After Christmas we will also start work with Chestnut Grove Academy and Ricards Lodge High School. At Chestnut Grove we will teach a lunchtime club with Year 8/9 students. 42 students have signed up, which is a huge response. At Ricards Lodge we will teach a Year 8 group during lesson time as part of their curriculum on climate and weather.

Ben also has a meeting at Westminster School in January about giving a stand-alone talk for sixth formers.

Future Strategic Plans

As mentioned in the previous report, we have been outlining our future strategy. At the moment, rather than recruiting volunteers, who would require training and monitoring, our plan is to train teachers to deliver a structured scheme of work. Climate Ed would co-ordinate the delivery of this from the outside, supporting teachers and offering incentives to schools, teachers and students to participate (eg rewards for best outreach schemes). Further planning of this is necessary.

Registering as a Charity

An application has been submitted to the Charity Commission and we are awaiting their response.

Activities of Board Members

Ben has been in communication with various contacts who could offer support. One is Mike di Giorgio, founder of the charity Greenhouse Sports. Mike gave him general advice about setting up a charity. Ben has also set up a meeting in March with Dennis Stevenson, former Chairman of HBOS, as he has offered to give advice about funding and recruiting trustees.

Grant Applications

Ben had a meeting with staff at Wandsworth Council about applying for the Wandsworth Grant Fund. They were enthusiastic about the application and said that if he could recruit more schools to come on board, so that a more co-ordinated project could be presented, then an application could be made.


After testing various designs and getting feedback, we have decided on a logo. This will be used on the website and printed on tshirts to be worn by students during outreach work.

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