Stephen Tindale, Former Greenpeace/UK Executive Director – #Nuclear4Climate

Stephen Tindale was the Executive Director of Greenpeace in the United Kingdom until 2005. Nuclear needs to be an important part of the climate change mitigation way forward. My name is Stephen Tindale. I’m now a Consultant on Climate and energy policy. I’m running the Alvin Weinberg Foundation, a pro-advanced nuclear group in the UK and I also do some work on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The question is, which energy source should we face out first and people concerned about climate are saying coal must go first before nuclear goes. Even if you want to be a hundred percent renewables, which not everyone does, but even if you do it’s going to take many decades to get there, probably sixty or seventy at least. So nuclear is an essential low-carbon bridge technology for those decades. It’s not the whole answer and technology tribalism for those concerned about climate change is one of the big failings. People saying nuclear is better than renewables or saying renewables are better than nuclear. We need both of them. In fact we need carbon capture and storage as well and we need energy efficiency. So all the low-carbon options need to be adopted. We must end the squabbling between low-carbon energy sources and between those and energy efficiency and accept that it has to be an all of the above approach.


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