The charity ‘Stephen Tindale Climate Answers’ is in memory of Stephen Tindale (1963-2017), who dedicated most of his career to advancing pragmatic solutions for major environmental and climatic challenges. Stephen was a committed environmentalist and social reformer who saw the dangers and risks of the modern world but who retained a sense of optimism that change and progress were possible. The aim of the charity is to continue the work Stephen began by giving practical help and support to those who are working on the issues to which he devoted his life.

The agenda is wide – Stephen had broad interests and his work over thirty years touched on many issues from Energy Policy and the alternatives to a carbon based economy to the environmental impact of the choices society was making – from the quality of the air in Oxford Street to the persistence of energy poverty.

It is thus apt that Stephen’s legacy should be the continuation of his work. The charity provides practical support to people wishing to make their own career and/or with specific proposals in fields to which Stephen devoted his life. Applicants may apply for a grant of up to fifteen thousand pounds in a relevant area that may constitute research, training, policy advancement and/or practical applications. This may involve individual work or ideally, a placement in a relevant host organisation.

Like Stephen, we hope beneficiaries of the charity will adapt to the wide, constantly changing agenda climate change presents and produce innovative solutions supported by growing research in the field.

Thank you for your interest. We welcome ideas and contributions. Stephen never believed he had all the answers but he always believed there were answers to be found. Our role is to continue the search. Thank you for your kind consideration.



Rt Honourable Lord Smith of Finsbury, Miss Suzanna Hinson, Mr Nick Butler, Ms Nicola M Harrington-Buhay, Mr Hugh Raven, Ms Helen Tindale

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